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Unlabelled training datasets of AIS Trajectories from Danish Waters for Abnormal Behavior Detection

posted on 2023-01-17, 07:55 authored by Kristoffer Vinther Olesen, Line Katrine Harder ClemmensenLine Katrine Harder Clemmensen, Anders Nymark ChristensenAnders Nymark Christensen

This item is part of the collection "AIS Trajectories from Danish Waters for Abnormal Behavior Detection"


Using Deep Learning for detection of maritime abnormal behaviour in spatio temporal trajectories is a relatively new and promising application. Open access to the Automatic Identification System (AIS) has made large amounts of maritime trajectories publically avaliable. However, these trajectories are unannotated when it comes to the detection of abnormal behaviour.  

The lack of annotated datasets for abnormality detection on maritime trajectories makes it difficult to evaluate and compare suggested models quantitavely. With this dataset, we attempt to provide a way for researchers to evaluate and compare performance.  

We have manually labelled trajectories which showcase abnormal behaviour following an collision accident. The annotated dataset consists of 521 data points with 25 abnormal trajectories. The abnormal trajectories cover amoung other; Colliding vessels, vessels engaged in Search-and-Rescue activities, law enforcement, and commercial maritime traffic forced to deviate from the normal course  

These datasets consists of unlabelled trajectories for the purpose of training unsupervised models. For labelled datasets for evaluation please refer to the collection. Link in Related publications.

The data is saved using the pickle format for Python

Each dataset is split into 2 files with naming convention:

  • datasetInfo_XXX  
  • data_XXX

Files named "data_XXX" contains the extracted trajectories serialized sequentially one at a time and must be read as such. Please refer to provided utility functions for examples.

Files named "datasetInfo" contains Metadata related to the dataset and indecies at which trajectories begin in "data_XXX" files.

The data are sequences of maritime trajectories defined by their; timestamp, latitude/longitude position, speed, course, and unique ship identifer MMSI. In addition, the dataset contains metadata related to creation parameters. 

The dataset has been limited to a specific time period, ship types, moving AIS navigational statuses, and filtered within an region of interest (ROI). Trajectories were split if exceeding an upper limit and short trajectories were discarded. All values are given as metadata in the dataset and used in the naming syntax.

Naming syntax:


See datasheet for more detailed information and we refer to provided utility functions for examples on how to read and plot the data.


The Danish Ministry of Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organisation, grant no. 4600005159


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