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Vitamin C from Seaweed: A Review Assessing Seaweed as Contributor to Daily Intake

posted on 2021-01-21, 08:38 authored by Cecilie Wirenfeldt Nielsen, Susan Løvstad HoldtSusan Løvstad Holdt, Turid RustadTurid Rustad
This dataset was collected as part of the PhD project of Cecilie Wirenfeldt Nielsen

The data used for the review.
Calculation to dry weight: conversion of unit
Species names: translation to the current accepted taxonomical names
Vitamin C in vegetables and reference intake: conversion of unit for vegetables, calculation of amount to achieve the reference intake
Vitamin C tables_raw data: the data from the review tables
Vitamin C tables_transposed: transposed data for analysis in R
Vitamin C - data from box plot: the data behind the boxplots
Fig1-4: Box plots


Joint Alliance Ph.D. program