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posted on 2023-05-10, 13:37 authored by Konstantinos KotsarinisKonstantinos Kotsarinis

This dataset was created at the boundary layer wind tunnel of the WiRE Lab at EPFL for the WIRE01 miniature wind turbine presented in the work of  Bastankhah and  Porté-Agel []. The data were collected at a constant wind tunnel fan speed of 6.5 Hz which corresponds to a 2.4 m/s free stream velocity. 

A range of the tip speed rato of the miniature wind turbine was tested, leading to different power outputs of the turbine. 

The data include 2 types of files:

a) INFO.txt: This type of file contains an overview of the measurements for each tip speed ratio. In particular it has 8 different columns including: (1) the file name of each of the measurements, (2) the ambient pressure P0 (Pa), (3) the ambient temperature T0(K), (4) the free stream velocity U_ref(m/s), (5) the diameter of the wind turbine D(m)

(6) the torque constant of the motor used TQ Cons(mNm/A), (7) the sampling frequency Fs(Hz), (8) the number of samples  Ns, (9) the yaw angle of the wind turbine, (10) the mean rotational speed of the wind turbine (RPM) and (11) the measured mean power (mW) corresponding to each measurement.

b) power_###.txt: This file contains the instantaneous values of each tip speed ratio. In particular each file has 4 columns (1) the free stream velocity (m/s), (2) the rotational speed of the wind turbine (RPM), (3) the current (mA), (4) the power (mW). 


Training school on entrainment in offshore wind power

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