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Wind data from the tall Cabauw met mast

posted on 2021-05-07, 12:02 authored by Kurt Schaldemose HansenKurt Schaldemose Hansen, Nikola Vasiljevic, Steen Arne SørensenSteen Arne Sørensen
The Cabauw dataset includes two different dataset:
The first resource dataset consists of hourly wind speed and wind direction measurements recorded on the Cabauw mast in the Netherland. This dataset includes 14 years of measurements, which starts in 1986.

The second dataset consists of raw time series (2 Hz) and run statistics of wind speed and wind direction measurements from the tall 213m mast. This dataset includes more than 480 hours of time series from the period 1985-1986.

Public data

Resource data

1) cabauw_all.nc (NetCDF)
2) cabauw_concurrent.nc (NetCDF)

Run statistics stored as NetCDF format:

3) cabauw_ts_all.nc (NetCDF)

4) cabauw_ts_concurrent.nc (NetCDF)

Raw time series (ascii), each with a duration of 3600 sec, sampled with 2 Hz.:

5) Cabauw.zip


NOVEM, Utrecht, NL



Lat: 51.970556 Long: 4.926389


Start date: 1985-01-01 Stop date: 1986-03-25


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External conditions

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Data category

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