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Wind resource data from the tall Risø met mast

posted on 2021-04-14, 09:51 authored by Kurt Schaldemose HansenKurt Schaldemose Hansen, Nikola Vasiljevic, Steen Arne SørensenSteen Arne Sørensen
This dataset consists of 10-minute averaged measurements of wind speed, wind direction, air humidity, air temperature, atmospheric pressure and solar radiation. Specifically wind speed measurements were acquired at 44 m, 77 m, and 125 m above the ground level (agl), whereas the wind direction measurements were acquired at 77 m and 125 m agl. The wind speed measurements were acquired using mainly cup anemometers, while wind direction measurements were acquired using wind vanes. The measurement period includes 12 years of measurements, which starts in 1995. The met mast surrounding can be classified as a flat(flat landscape) coastal(water and land) site.

The dataset has been proven to be useful beyond wind energy, such as for tracking storm surges across the country, estimating contaminated regions for transient events as different as nuclear and industrial accidents and air borne diseases.

The dataset is provided as two NetCDF files
1) only includes periods when all sensors concurrently operated.
2) includes all measurement periods for all sensors, so it contains NaN values for periods when sensors were not operational

NetCDF files contain both data and metadata.

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Latitude: 55.694222, Longitude: 12.088056


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