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XRR data from Ir thin-film coatings for the BabyIAXO hybrid X-ray optic

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posted on 2021-06-22, 12:49 authored by Peter Lindquist Henriksen, Desiree Della Monica FerreiraDesiree Della Monica Ferreira, Sonny MassahiSonny Massahi, Marta Civitani, Stefano Basso, Julia Vogel, Jaime Armendariz, Erik Bergbäck Knudsen, Igor Irastorza, Finn Erland ChristensenFinn Erland Christensen
X-ray reflectometry data of Ir test coatings produced for the BabyIAXO hybrid X-ray optic. Measurements at both 1.487 keV and 8.048 keV are available.