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Data for "Impact of wettability alteration on the front instability of immiscible displacement in porous media" paper

posted on 2023-02-10, 10:11 authored by Seyedbehzad Hosseinzadehsadati, Ali Akbar EftekhariAli Akbar Eftekhari, Hamid NickHamid Nick

All dataset used for the paper:

uncorrelated heterogeneous permeability: Permeability file used in our study

read_ecl.m: reading the eclipse results from MATLAB

ECL_INPUT_DATA.xlsx: explains ECLIPSE project files and their corresponding relative permeabilities

Figures_Plots.m: MATLAB function draws the figures

Data.mat: calculated data used in Figures_Plots.m function

pjr files.Zip: Project eclipse data files


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