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Dual-Doppler wind reconstruction at Alaiz

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posted on 2020-09-28, 03:25 authored by Pedro Santos
This is an animation of synchronized dual-Doppler retrievals from the Alaiz Experiment (ALEX17). The panels show the magnitude (colorbar) and wind direction (arrows) of the reconstructed 2D wind vector projected onto the plane of intersecting beams. This is not the horizontal wind, since in the case of Alaiz, over mountainous terrain, the elevation angles to measure such points were too high (>5 deg). The dual-Doppler measurements are a result of a scan trajectory that follows the terrain at a constant height above ground of 125 m.

The top panel shows results from the 2-km ridge scan from the Tajonar Ridge and the bottom panel shows the 2-km ridge scan on top of the Alaiz mountain. Each frame correspond to a 10-min average. The analyzed period is between 2 August 2018 to 15 November 2018.

This animation is part of the PhD thesis entitled "Untangling atmospheric flows through the lenses of wind lidars",


Danish Energy Agency - New European Wind Atlas project (EUDP 14-II)




42°43'29.86"N, 1°34'35.90"W


Start date: 2018-08-02 Stop date: 2019-11-15


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