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Recordings of Danish Monologues for Hearing Research

posted on 2020-02-12, 13:29 authored by Kasper Duemose Lund, Axel AhrensAxel Ahrens
This dataset contains 10 stories spoken by 10 native Danish speakers. The stories are numbered from S01 to S10 and the talkers from T01 to T10.

Recording procedure
The stories were recorded in an acoustically treated sound-proof booth at the Technical University of Denmark. The talkers were recorded with a Neumann TLM 102 microphone (Neumann GmbH, Berlin, Germany). The text was presented on a virtual teleprompter on an HTC Vive Pro VR system (HTC Corporation, New Taipei City, Taiwan), thus avoiding noise from a paper, or acoustic reflections from a computer screen. Using the VR controller, talkers could scroll through the text in their own pace. For optimal readability the virtual teleprompter was adjustable in distance (size) and height. Each monologue recording was equalized to the same root-mean-square level.

The aim was to record distinctly different stories. The story titles are:
-Alpine skiing
-The great pyramid of Giza
-Jimmy Hendrix
-Space flight

The texts of the stories are provided in this database.

Consent and Ethics
All participants provided informed consent and all experiments were approved by the Science-Ethics Committee for the Capital Region of Denmark (reference H-16036391). All participants provided consent for the publication of their speech recordings.