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Video 1 for the paper Growth kinetic and transport of mixed microbial cultures in subsurface environments

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posted on 2021-05-20, 10:05 authored by Moein Jahanbani VesharehMoein Jahanbani Veshareh
The equivalent strain model can reflect the behavior of the test community for the A) immobile biomass-limited electron donor case and B) mobile biomass-limited electron donor case. However it cannot characterize the behavior of the test community for the C) immobile biomass-unlimited electron donor case and D) mobile biomass-unlimited electron donor cases. Left y axis, H2S concentration produced by the test community (o markers) and the equivalent strain (+ markers), and right y axis, temperature (solid line). E and F are corresponding to C and D (the same left y axis), and right y axis shows the second derivative of temperature (solid line). The deviation of the test community and the equivalent strain originates in the part of the temperature transition zone that the second derivative of the temperature has a positive curvature and negative slope.


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