Technical University of Denmark
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Video data for development of real-time nephrops counter for demersal fisheries

This dataset constitutes a supplementary material to the related publication in which a real-time Nephrops counter is presented.

The dataset contains the five video files used in the development of the Nephrops counter. The files are the recordings of the catch monitoring during demersal trawling. 


The European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF): Development of a real-time catch monitoring system with automatic detection of the catch composition to minimize catch of unwanted species and sizes (AutoCatch (33112-P-18-051))

The European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program: Smart fisheries technologies for an efficient, compliant and environmentally friendly fishing sector (SMARTFISH (agreement no: 7553521)).

The Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries of Denmark: Udvikling af SELEKTive redskaber og teknologier til kommercielle fiskerier (SELEKT (33113-I-22-187))


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