Perdigão-2015: multi-lidar flow mapping over the complex terrain site including the wind turbine inflow and wake measurements

This dataset has been recorded by three long-range WindScanners and three short-range WindScanners during the Perdigão 2015 campaign. For the campaign which took place in central Portugal near the village of Perdigão three scanners were located on two mountain ridges that run in parallel for about 2 km. The scanners carried out six synchronized scanning scenarios: a transect scan perpendicular to the ridges; a virtual mast within the valley; a scan following a transect 80 m above the southwest ridge; and three scans to capture the wake and the inflow of the 2 MW wind turbine that operates on the southwest ridge.

This is an original dataset. It represents Level 2.3 data product in the FAIR lidar data schematics, that is geo-located radial velocities stored in NetCDF files with dimensions of time, range and line-of-sight number.

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(1) WindScanner (

(2) FAIR lidar data standard (

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