WAFFLE Experiment

2019-01-11T09:14:17Z (GMT) by Elliot Simon Guillaume Lea
The WAFFLE campaign is a short field experiment originally conducted to provide data for initial investigations into minute-scale wind forecasting.

A single long-range scanning lidar was deployed behind DTU's V52 research wind turbine at Risø test site in Denmark. Plan position indicator (PPI) scans were performed facing west to measure the dominant inflow to the test site.

This dataset was used in an applied workshop at the EAWE PhD seminar in Belgium. The presentation file and code notebooks are available in the related publications link.

A complete written description of the experiment will be available in a forthcoming PhD thesis by Elliot Simon.

The dataset includes: Scanning lidar observations, wind turbine SCADA from the V52 wind turbine, and met-mast observations directly in front (west) of the turbine.

This is an original dataset. The lidar portion represents a level 2.3 data product in the FAIR lidar data schematics, that is geo-located radial velocities stored in NetCDF files with dimensions of time, range and line-of-sight number.
The wind turbine and mast data formats are labelled HDF5 files.