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SEAwise EBFM tool box prototype, September 2023

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posted on 2024-04-18, 06:48 authored by Neil Maginnies, Elle Sibthorpe, Anna RindorfAnna Rindorf

The SEAwise project works to deliver a fully operational tool that will allow fishers, managers, and policy makers to easily apply Ecosystem Based Fisheries Management (EBFM). The SEAwise EBFM Toolbox contains two separate targeted elements: A technical EBFM toolbox and a non-technical SEAwise Website Tool.

The EBFM toolbox prototype consists of a series of linked RShiny applications, allowing Work Package-specific results to be displayed in detail in dedicated applications and separately presenting synthesised results. Prototyping efforts have focused on the WP3-specific application (accessible online at The application allows users to navigate by clicking between tabs, select regions and stocks of interests and to view data for different climate scenarios and timescales. Stakeholder feedback validated this ‘region first’ organisation, and a similar structure will therefore be utilised across all WP-specific applications where possible.

The SEAwise Website Tool progress has focused on the tool’s design and map user experience, consultation with stakeholders, and refinement into a working prototype. Stakeholder input was provided at a Pan-Regional Workshop in June 2023, with critical input including a preference to navigate by case-study region, rather than Work Package, and the need to include a range of management scenarios to make the Tool truly fit for purpose. A detailed description of the functionality of each step included in the Tool is provided, along with illustrative screenshots, and the prototype may be accessed at This report also details the next steps that will be taken in developing the prototype, including consultation with project partners to populate the Tool with information of greatest relevance to end users (policy makers, fishers, consumers, and the general public).

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