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Steady State Comparisons HAWC2 v12.5 vs HAWCStab2 v2.14

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posted on 2018-11-07, 12:43 authored by David Robert VerelstDavid Robert Verelst, Morten Hartvig Hansen, Georg Pirrung
Input and result files for generating a steady state comparison between HAWC2 and HAWCStab2 using the DTU10MW aeroelastic model. Also the scripts that are used to automatize this comparison are available.



  • Wind turbine;>Rotor;>Pitch
  • Wind turbine;>Rotor;>Hub
  • Wind turbine;>Rotor;>Blades
  • Wind turbine;>Rotor;>Other
  • Wind turbine;>Concept design;>Horizontal axis


  • Aeroelastic;>Other


  • Modeling

External conditions

  • Not applicable

Data category

  • Turbine data


Uwe Schmidt Paulsen