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Østerild Balconies Experiment (Phase 2)

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posted on 2018-11-22, 14:36 authored by Elliot SimonElliot Simon, Nikola Vasiljevic

This dataset includes measurements from the two scanning lidars which were deployed in phase 2 of the Balconies Experiment at DTU’s Østerild Test Centre in Western Denmark during the summer of 2016.

Two DTU long-range WindScanners were installed on purpose-built platforms attached to instrumented aircraft warning towers at the north and south ends of the test site at a height of 200 m above ground level (AGL). The lidars were configured to perform 90 degree plan position indicator (PPI) scans along a flat horizontal plane (zero degrees elevation) in a synchronized fashion (dual-Doppler). The central transect line is synchronized in time and space, while the other overlapping points are synchronized only in space. The lidars switch their scanning orientation (east or west facing) to follow the inflow wind direction. This action was performed by the lidar operator.

This is an original dataset. It represents Level 2.3 data product in the FAIR lidar data schematics, that is geo-located radial velocities stored in NetCDF files with dimensions of time, range and line-of-sight number.

Consult a list of references for more details about :

(1) WindScanner (

(2) FAIR lidar data standard (

Related publications will be updated with a link to the paper that presents data from of phase 2 of the Balcony experiment.


Danish Energy Agency – New European Wind Atlas project (EURD 14-II)



Østerild Test Centre, Denmark


from 2016-06-29 to 2016-08-12


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Jakob Mann, Michael Courtney, Ebba Dellwik, Gunner Larsen, Nikolas Angelou, Guillaume Lea, Preben Aagaard, Allan Djernes Blaabjerg, Poul Falk Nielsen, Valur Vestmann