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University Research Assessment using ORCID, WoS and VIVO

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posted on 23.06.2020 by Nikoline Dohm Lauridsen, Karen Hytteballe Ibanez, Christina Steensboe, Mogens Sandfær, Franck Falcoz
At the Technical University of Denmark, a VIVO-based research analytics platform (DTU RAP) has become a central part of the service that the research analytics team offers the various university stakeholders. At previous VIVO conferences, we have presented the collaboration part of the platform, a service that is now well established and used all across the university. This year we have been developing a new module of the platform, which aims to support evaluation and assessment of the university’s researchers, departments and sections. The assessment of research outputs and impacts is a core contribution to many planning and decision processes in universities. However, these assessments are often characterized by closedness and little involvement by the actual researchers being assessed. To open up – and at the same time being able to automate this process, the new platform will be based on publications that can be found only through the researcher-PID ORCID. The presentation will display the first prototype of the platform module and discuss both advantages and challenges when working with bibliometrics in this PID-based manner. The DTU RAP is developed in collaboration between the university, the IT-consultants Vox Novitas and Ontocale and Clarivate Analytics, producer of WoS and InCites.