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EMI 1D laterally-constrained inversion

posted on 2024-01-05, 14:56 authored by Tobias BjergTobias Bjerg, Arne Døssing AndreasenArne Døssing Andreasen, Alexander Grayver

Included here are the software used to invert the drone-towed electromagnetic induction data to predict the conductivity of the subsurface.

This is done using a simple 1D medium forward model and a Covariance Matrix Adaptation Evolution Strategy (CMAES) to find a solution that minimises a cost function.

Data for the inversion scheme can be found at:

The following files are available:

  5. README.txt

Data file Description:

  • [1] []: Python script enabling testing of the forward model. Three 1D subsurface is tested.
  • [2] []: This Python script contains the forward model function, the objective function, the misfit function, and associated functions.
  • [3] []: This Python script is the main script which takes care of the 1D medium inversion using the CMA.
  • [4] []: This bash script exemplifies how "" can be executed.
  • [5] [README.txt]:This files


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