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Python script for data analysis: Capillary Flow Experiments (Capflex) for Thermodynamic and Kinetic Characterization of Protein LLPS at High Throughput

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posted on 2021-04-19, 08:14 authored by Rasmus Krogh NorrildRasmus Krogh Norrild
The N-terminal of human deadbox helicase 4 (Ddx4n1) is a well established model system of protein condensate formation also called liquid-liquid phase separation. This experiment explores the effect of polyethylene glycol 3000 (PEG3000) on the thermodynamics of condensate formation using flow induced capillary flow experiments (Capflex). Condensates form when the solution is cooled in the capillary and is then measured after some time. The excel file contains specifications on the data files and can be found together with the data files here (10.11583/DTU.14229824).

More information on the data can be found in the associated publication.

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