Technical University of Denmark

Brooke Elizabeth Lampe


  • IDS for CAN: A Practical Intrusion Detection System for CAN Bus Security
  • TDL-IDS: Towards A Transfer Deep Learning based Intrusion Detection System
  • A survey of deep learning-based intrusion detection in automotive applications
  • Protecting User Privacy in Online Settings via Supervised Learning
  • No Free Wireless Charge: Covert Channels via Wireless Charging on Mobile Devices
  • BlockPAT: A Blockchain-Enabled Second-Hand Physical Asset Tokenization Management System
  • ScrapeIOC: Designing a Web-scraping Tool for Malware Detection based on Indicators of Compromise
  • Intrusion Detection in the Automotive Domain: A Comprehensive Review
  • can-train-and-test: A New CAN Intrusion Detection Dataset
  • Intrusion Detection in the Automotive Domain
  • can-train-and-test: A Curated CAN Dataset for Automotive Intrusion Detection
  • can-train-and-test: A curated CAN dataset for automotive intrusion detection
  • Detecting Post Editing of Multimedia Images using Transfer Learning and Fine Tuning
  • Securing Offshore Installations Against Automatic Identification System Spoofing
  • can-logic: Automotive Intrusion Detection via Temporal Logic
  • Delay-masquerading Technique Upheld StrongBox
  • Security on Top of Security: Detecting Malicious Firewall Policy Changes via K-Means Clustering
  • Look Closer to Touch Behavior-enabled Android Pattern Locks: A Study in the Wild
  • can-sleuth: Investigating and Evaluating Automotive Intrusion Detection Datasets

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