Technical University of Denmark


  • Time-dependent low-latitude core flow and geomagnetic field acceleration pulses
  • The CHAOS-7 geomagnetic field model and observed changes in the South Atlantic Anomaly
  • Time-scale dependence of solar wind-based regression models of ionospheric electrodynamics
  • Co-estimating geomagnetic field and calibration parameters: modeling Earth’s magnetic field with platform magnetometer data
  • Tools for sharing and evaluating the CHAOS geomagnetic field model and the shc-file format for time-dependent spherical harmonic models
  • Localized origin at the core‐mantle boundary of the 1969 geomagnetic impulse
  • Localized Origin at the Core‐Mantle Boundary of the 1969 Geomagnetic Impulse
  • Eerie sounds of Earth’s magnetic field
  • Polar ionospheric currents and high temporal resolution geomagnetic field models
  • Co-estimation of core and lithospheric magnetic fields by a maximum entropy method

Clemens Kloss's public data