Technical University of Denmark

Kristian Sevdari


  • Status e-mobility DK
  • Frequency stability with converter-connected resources delivering fast frequency control
  • Barriers and Solutions for EVs Integration in the Distribution Grid
  • Autonomously Distributed Control of Electric Vehicle Chargers for Grid Services
  • Comparison of Smart Charging and Battery Energy Storage System for a PV Prosumer with an EV
  • Ancillary services and electric vehicles: An overview from charging clusters and chargers technology perspectives
  • Power Modulation and Phase Switching Testing of Smart Charger and Electric Vehicle Pairs
  • Wind Based Charging via Autonomously Controlled EV Chargers under Grid Constraints
  • A Data-Driven Assessment of the Electricity Demand- the Case of Albania
  • Behind-the-meter residential electric vehicle smart charging strategies: Danish cases
  • Autonomously Distributed Control of EV Parking Lot Management for Optimal Grid Integration
  • Experimental validation of onboard electric vehicle chargers to improve the efficiency of smart charging operation
  • ACDC project – Autonomously Controlled Distributed Chargers
  • Control and clustering of electric vehicle chargers for the provision of grid services

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