Technical University of Denmark

Oliver Ackermann Lylloff


  • Improving the efficiency of deconvolution algorithms for sound source localization
  • Noise Quantification with Beamforming Deconvolution: Effects of Regularization and Boundary Conditions
  • Reconstruction methods for sound visualization based on acousto-optic tomography
  • Aeroacoustic wind tunnel tests
  • Noise impact assessments in early stage road and railway planning
  • Wind tunnel benchmark tests of airfoils
  • Cross validation of the aerodynamic and acoustic measurements in two Kevlar-walled wind tunnels
  • Analytical shear layer corrections for acoustic transmission in Kevlar walled wind tunnels and their experimental validation
  • Benchmarking of the NACA 633-018 Trailing-Edge Noise in a Broad Reynolds Number Range as Part of the IEA Task 39
  • Fremtidens vindmøller støjer mindre
  • LERAP: Leading Edge Repair and Performance. Acoustic Wind Tunnel Measurements
  • Analytical Corrections for Acoustic Transmission in Kevlar-Walled Wind Tunnels
  • Experimental investigation of noise from a wall-mounted swept tip blade in a wind tunnel
  • AeroAcoustics.jl: A Julia package for aeroacoustics
  • State of open-source software for microphone array processing
  • Experimental Investigation of the Influence of Aerodynamic Loading on the Transmission Loss Through Kevlar Membranes

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