Technical University of Denmark

Ronja Güldenring


  • Self-supervised Contrastive Learning on Agricultural Images
  • Few-leaf Learning: Weed Segmentation in Grasslands
  • Lightweight Monocular Depth Estimation through Guided Decoding
  • RumexWeeds: A grassland dataset for agricultural robotics
  • Real-Time Joint-Stem Prediction for Agricultural Robots in Grasslands Using Multi-Task Learning
  • SIFT-Guided Saliency-Based Augmentation for Weed Detection in Grassland Images: Fusing Classic Computer Vision with Deep Learning
  • Zoom in on the Plant: Fine-Grained Analysis of Leaf, Stem, and Vein Instances
  • Online learning for obstacle detection in construction for a multi-robot setting

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Lazaros Nalpantidis

Lazaros Nalpantidis

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