Dataset for Bellinge: An urban drainage case study

Posted on 12.01.2021 - 12:55 by Agnethe Nedergaard Pedersen
Comprehensive dataset for the urban drainage system in Bellinge, Odense, Denmark.

Including sensor data, models, background information etc. for a case area during 10 years of observation.

The items are as follows
#1 Asset data - description of the assets by the registration with information from manholes and links. Besides a copy of the asset database of links from 2007, before the current system was built. (item: DOI: 10.11583/DTU.12508517)

#2 Sensor data - data from sensors in the system; 13 level-meters, 1 flow-meter, 1 position-sensor, and 4 power sensors. Data is provided in raw format as well as cleaned data according to #9 Scripts. (item: DOI: 10.11583/DTU.12509249)

#3 Rain data - Rain data is divided in two items - one with rain gauge data from 3 stations with a special license (item: DOI: 10.11583/DTU.12509774) and one with radar data as well as free meterological data from a national weather station (item: DOI: 10.11583/DTU.12513236)

#4 Drawings - As-built drawings of the structures in the area together with photos taken in 2019. (item: DOI: 10.11583/DTU.12513347)

#5 CCTV - CCTV videos of selected pipes (item: DOI: 10.11583/DTU.12513008)

#6 Orthophoto, Digital Terrain Models etc. - Data from Danish Agency for Data Supply and Efficiency from this area. (item: DOI: 10.11583/DTU.12513269)

#7 Models - MU and SWMM of the system. (item: DOI: 10.11583/DTU.12513428)

#8 Catchment description - Description of the catchment and how the imperviousness is calculated. (item: DOI: 10.11583/DTU.12513368)

#9 Scripts - Simple scripts to clean sensor data. (item: DOI: 10.11583/DTU.12513461)


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Pedersen, Agnethe Nedergaard; Pedersen, Jonas Wied; Vigueras-Rodriguez, Antonio; Brink-Kjær, Annette; Borup, Morten; Mikkelsen, Peter Steen (2021): Dataset for Bellinge: An urban drainage case study. Technical University of Denmark. Collection.


Innovation Fund Denmark - Grant 8118-00018B


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