Pan-European wind and solar generation time series (PECD 2021 update)

Posted on 10.05.2022 - 11:18 authored by Matti Juhani Koivisto
This collection includes simulated hourly wind and solar PV generation time series for regions in Europe and beyond. The data include also country-level aggregations, e.g., UK00 is the aggregate of all the UK regions (weighted by regional installed capacities). Each item gives more information about the data and shows key results on map.

The linked journal paper (1st link) describes the wind simulation methodology (combination of ERA5 and GWA data is used) and provides country-level validation results. Please note that compared to the paper, the provided data include some adjustments based on the feedback from ENTSO-E and its members. It is requested that the paper is cited when the data are used.

The data include 1 simulated solar PV technology, existing and 2 specific technologies for offshore wind, and existing and 9 specific technologies for onshore wind. The "existing" runs represent the existing (by the time of modeling) installations in the analyzed regions. The specific technology runs represent future installations: the user of the data may choose to apply different technologies for different regions, or, e.g., apply multiple technologies in energy system optimization to find the optimal mix for each region (see the 2nd linked journal paper for an example). The onshore wind technologies are simulated for three resources grades for each region, increasing the number of specific technology runs for onshore wind to 27; see the respective data descriptions for more information.

The data are the variable renewable energy generation time series created for ENTSO-E in the 2021 update of the Pan-European Climate Database (PECD) dataset. ENTSO-E has used the data in ERAA 2021 and Winter Outlook 2021-2022 assessments, and they are used in TYNDP 2022. The simulations are carried out by DTU Wind Energy, with the future technology selection and data validation discussed and agreed with ENTSO-E and its members.


Koivisto, Matti Juhani; Murcia Leon, Juan Pablo (2022): Pan-European wind and solar generation time series (PECD 2021 update). Technical University of Denmark. Collection.
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PECD 2021 update project for ENTSO-E


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