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STORM: STatistics and fOrces on stRuctures from extreMe water waves in finite depth

Published on by David R. Fuhrman

Using state-of-the-art computational models STORM aims to significantly advance knowledge on the interaction of irregular, directionally-spread water waves with marine structures, with special/novel focus on finite-depth conditions typical of the North Sea. Primary objectives are to: (1) Elucidate the presently unclear role of the so-called Benjamin-Feir wave instability – a primary nonlinear mechanism believed to cause rogue waves in deep water – in promoting extreme wave events within irregular wave fields on finite depth; (2) Provide a novel, easy-to-use statistical description for non-breaking wave crest elevations, induced flow velocities, and resultant force distributions in the finite-depth wave regime; and (3) Combine state-of-the art fully-nonlinear potential flow and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) models to predict the most extreme breaking wave loads on offshore wind turbines and other structures expected for a given recurrence interval.

This research has been financially supported by the Independent Research Fund Denmark project STORM: STatistics and fOrces on stRuctures from extreMe water waves in finite depth (grant ID: 10.46540/2035-00064B).

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Independent Research Fund Denmark, grant ID: 10.46540/2035-00064B