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A05&A06_Checklist of Sustainability Qualifying Criteria

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posted on 2020-05-12, 09:06 authored by Marina de Pádua PieroniMarina de Pádua Pieroni, Tim C. McAlooneTim C. McAloone, Daniela Cristina Antelmi PigossoDaniela Cristina Antelmi Pigosso


The tool Checklist of Sustainability Qualifying Criteria is one of the outcomes of the research project CIRCit.


This tool aims to support companies in planning for changing their business models towards Circular Economy.

In particular, it supports the activities "Conceptualise the Circular Economy business model" and "Configure a complete business model concept".

How to use:

Detailed instructions about how to use the tool are provided in the Workbook 2 (see Activity 5 and Activity 6) available at


CIRCit - Circular Economy Integration in the Nordic Industry for enhanced sustainability and competitiveness


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