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Case study instances for the paper "The Bus Rapid Transit Investment Problem"

posted on 2023-09-15, 10:50 authored by Rowan HoogervorstRowan Hoogervorst, Evelien van der HurkEvelien van der Hurk, Philine Schiewe, Anita Schöbel, Reena Urban

Case study instances for the Greater Copenhagen BRT line along Ring 4.

The naming of the instances uses the pattern "movia_[ROUTE]_[BETA]_[Z].xml", where ROUTE, BETA, and Z correspond to the concerned route alternative, budget split, and the number of allowed BRT components in the instance, respectively. Two special values are used:

  • A value of NONE for [BETA] indicates that we consider a global decision maker, i.e., a single municipality that covers all of the segments in the instance.
  • A value of INF for [Z] indicates that no restriction is present on the number of BRT components Z, i.e., in the instance file, the upper bound on the number of BRT components is chosen high enough not to restrict the number of BRT components.

The format of the XML files is documented within the included schema file (brtInvestmentInstance.xsd) and explained within the included readme file (

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