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Fish species sensitivity to fishing

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posted on 2023-06-29, 10:18 authored by Anna RindorfAnna Rindorf

Data by FAO area on fish species sensitivity to fishing combining vulnerability from Cheung et al 2007 supplementary material, precautionary fishing mortality in European waters from Rindorf et al 2020 and vulenaribility from Osio et al 2015. Following STECF (2022) and Osio 2015, low sensitivity species are defined as species with a precautionary fishing mortality greater than 3 for the Rindorf et al data, a vulnerability less than 40 for the Cheung data and less than 1.6 for the Osio et al. data. Species with a high sensitivity are defined as species with a precautionary fishing mortality less than 0.41 for the Rindorf et al data, a vulnerability greater than 70 for the Cheung data and greater than 2 for the Osio et al data. Remaining species are defined as medium sensitivity. Please cite original source for the data. 

Reference for the data and definitions:

Cheung, W. W., Watson, R., Morato, T., Pitcher, T. J., & Pauly, D. (2007). Intrinsic vulnerability in the global fish catch. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 333, 1-12. 

Osio, G. C., Orio, A., & Millar, C. P. (2015). Assessing the vulnerability of Mediterranean demersal stocks and predicting exploitation status of un-assessed stocks. Fisheries Research, 171, 110-121.

Rindorf, A., Gislason, H., Burns, F., Ellis, J. R., & Reid, D. (2020). Are fish sensitive to trawling recovering in the Northeast Atlantic?. Journal of Applied Ecology, 57(10), 1936-1947. 

STECF (2022). Validation of selected sustainability indicators and underlying methodologies for the revision of the EU marketing standards for fisheries products (STECF-22-12).


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