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North Atlantic fish stock recruitment, spawning stock biomass, weight at age and numbers at age

posted on 2022-02-21, 08:23 authored by Anna RindorfAnna Rindorf, Mikael van DeursMikael van Deurs


The correct prediction of the shape and strength of density-dependence in productivity is key to predicting future stock development and providing the best possible long-term fisheries management advice. We identify unbiased estimators of the relationship between somatic growth, recruitment and density, and applied these to 80 stocks in the Northeast Atlantic. The data used for the analysis is published here.


The data here have been used in an analysis of density dependent growth and recruitment currently submitted to Fish and Fisheries. The data set includes data on 25 species divided into 80 stocks.

Usage Notes

N1= number at age 1 and so forth, W1= weight at age 1 and so forth. -1 denotes missing value.


European Maritime and Fisheries Foundation/Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark, Award: 33113-B-19-150

SEAwise, H2020 Societal Challenges, Award: 101000318