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3D reconstructed CT-images of Valdemar Lower Cretaceous rock samples

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posted on 2023-05-22, 08:29 authored by Rasoul MokhtariRasoul Mokhtari, Armin Afrough

This data set consists of 3D reconstructed CT-images of six reservoir core plugs taken from Valdemar Lower Cretaceous reservoir. These are tight chalk samples.

 During the scanning process, the X-ray tube was operated at 90 kV tube voltage and 90 µA tube current, with a Tungsten cathode filament operating with a wide focus mode. A one-millimeter-thick copper filter was placed in front of the X-ray window to reduce beam hardening effects; other minor beam hardening effects were removed by filtration in the image processing and visualization stage. Exposure time was 4 seconds per frame, and 3 frames are averaged for each angle, 3600 angles for each sample. The reconstructed image has a resolution of 92 µm/voxel. A custom-built circular cone beam geometry X-ray CT scanner was used for imaging. Reconstruction of 3D images from projections were implemented using Octopus Reconstruction 8.9.4 software. 


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