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Gildas Glemarec


  • Bycatch of marine mammals and seabirds: Occurrence and mitigation
  • Validation of selected sustainability indicators and underlying methodologies for the revision of the EU marketing standards for fisheries products
  • DTU Aqua samarbejder med erhvervsfiskere
  • Working Group on Commercial Catches (WGCATCH)
  • Bycatch of seabirds in Danish gillnet fisheries - assessing scale and testing mitigation
  • Workshop on Geo-Spatial Data for Small-Scale Fisheries (WKSSFGEO)
  • Health Status of Bycaught Common Eiders (Somateria mollissima) from the Western Baltic Sea
  • Collection of by-catch data for seabirds and marine mammals and by-catch and population densities for non-commercial fish
  • Estimating seabird bycatch in gillnet fisheries in the Danish Øresund using REM
  • Efficacy of Time-Area Fishing Restrictions and Gear-Switching as Solutions for Reducing Seabird Bycatch in Gillnet Fisheries
  • Indikatorer for bifangst af havfugle
  • Knowing the fishery to know the bycatch: bias-corrected estimates of harbour porpoise bycatch in gillnet fisheries
  • Estimating seabird bycatch in gillnet fisheries in the Danish Øresund using REM
  • What's the catch with lumpsuckers? A North Atlantic study of seabird bycatch in lumpsucker gillnet fisheries
  • Assessing seabird bycatch in gillnet fisheries using electronic monitoring
  • Report of the Joint OSPAR/HELCOM/ICES Working Group on Marine Birds (JWGBIRD)
  • Scientific, Technical and Economic Committee for Fisheries (STECF) - Review of technical measures (part 1) (STECF-20-02)
  • GAP-ANALYSE: Fremskrivning af menneskelige aktiviteter og presfaktorer
  • Bycatch in Baltic Sea commercial fisheries: High-risk areas and evaluation of measures to reduce bycatch
  • Miljøskånsomhed og økologisk bæredygtighed i dansk fiskeri
  • Workshop on electronic technologies for fisheries Part III: Systems adapted for smallscale vessels
  • Estimating fishing effort from highly resolved geospatial data: Focusing on passive gears
  • A workflow for standardising the analysis of highly resolved vessel tracking data
  • ICES-FAO Working Group on Fishing Technology and Fish Behaviour (WGFTFB)
  • A workflow for standardizing the analysis of highly resolved vessel tracking data

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