Technical University of Denmark

Pravin Kumar Mallick

PhD Researcher (Environmental sciences)

Lyngby, Denmark

With nearly two decades of global leadership experience in Asia Pacific and the EU, I have successfully spearheaded Corporate Sustainability, Environmental Compliance and Public Affairs, and Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. I bring specialist competency in sustainability strategy, Circular Economy, Packaging Recyclability (Plastics and paper), Waste Management and Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR). Currently, I am researching take-back systems for a circular economy. Specifically, I am developing a tool that can help companies design and implement Reverse Logistics for their End-of-Use or End-of-Life products.


  • The Business Case for Sustainability: An Investigation of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in the House Building Construction Sector in the UK and Sweden
  • Designing Take-Back for Single Use Medical Devices: The Case of ReturpenTM
  • Designing Configurator for Take-Back for a Circular Economy - A Conceptual Framework
  • Closing the loop: Establishing reverse logistics for a circular economy, a systematic review

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Tim C. McAloone

Tim C. McAloone

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Daniela Cristina Antelmi Pigosso

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